The following post has been pre-scheduled. I’ve never tried to pre-schedule a blog post before, so I had to look up how to do it. If you know me well, you won’t be surprised by that. Hey, I’m on vacation while you read this. Modern technology!

I find it interesting to see how many articles are out there on “How to Schedule a Blog Post on WordPress.” Google delivered a bunch of results, including a totally unhelpful video from WordPress themselves. I ended up using an article called “How to Schedule your Posts in WordPress.” Pretty basic, right?

The funny part was the phrase “if you are going for a vacation, but you don’t want to abandon your blog.” Wow, really? Abandon? Talk about a dramatic word choice! I wonder if my poor blog would be sitting by the side of the road crying if I ignored it for an entire week.

Well, okay. Those of you who look in on this blog from time to time probably won’t care if I take a well-deserved vacation. In fact, I’d guess the only reason you read my blog is to find out about me doing something. And this week, I’m planning on doing nothing.

But of course, that’s not completely true. You know how vacations are: you end up driving for twelve or thirteen hours, and that’s not exactly relaxation, is it? And, being a writer, I had to schedule a writerly event. So I’m appearing at the F. N. Manross Memorial Library on Saturday, May 6th at 2:00pm. It’s a nice little library in my nice little hometown. And I intend to be nice and relaxed by the time I get there.

So stop by, if you’re in CT. Pick up a book or three. If you get there early, you might meet a few other people I know and love. Just don’t ask me to to do any real work. I’m supposed to be on, er, a vacation.

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