So lately I’ve been looking a little bit like this guy – although this dude is younger, and probably better-looking, than me.  I mean I’ve been hunched over an iMac or MacBook quite a bit, working furiously on building my business.

Now, I know that the people who check this blog to find out about my novels and short stories don’t want to read about that…just like I know that the business people I interact with regularly don’t give a flying flip about my books. So I’ve got a real conundrum. What to write about, what to write about.

Let me just say this: if you’re interested in my fiction, there’s more on the way. The short story collection Rides From Strangers will be available for free download soon. Designers are competing for the cover, and it will be ready soon. I’m just being really picky. I still plan to release it in September, so…not too far away.

But You Said Something About Business?

Oh yeah. This past week, I made some major changes in my current business model. See, my business card reads “Author. Publisher. Speaker. Coach.” But where have I been speaking lately?

You guessed it. Nowhere.

Well, okay, not exactly true. I pitch Sahno Publishing at networking events in front of groups large and small regularly. And I have my Tampa Literary Authors event coming up this weekend. But you get the idea.

You see, my freelance copywriting gigs feed my addiction to writing fiction, not vice-versa. Still, I think speaking engagements that pay me can mean a lot for the company. So I’m dramatically ramping up my speaking efforts over the next 10-12 months, and will become a Certified Master Speaker by the end of May 2018.

I’ve also changed my approach to how many new clients I will take on for writing projects. My model now includes Ghostwriting for Entrepreneurs at the top of the list. I plan to ghost write a book every month, on average, over the next year.

So let me just say on the ol’ blog what I say everywhere I go in person: if you know a business owner who wants to have a book they can use as an extended business card, have them give me a call and we’ll chat. I’m working on one now, and have another one on the hopper. Once the schedule gets booked out, I have to back off to make room for speaking gigs.

So there you have it. Like my headline says, strictly business this week. Thanks for reading!


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